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The Bio Ghana Network brings together certified organic exporters and importers into an association for the purposes of advocacy, promotion and development of organic production, processing and marketing (both local and exports). The focus of the network is on organic fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fruit juices, dried fruits, dried peels, dried vegetables, cosmetics, among other products. The network also includes associated members engaged in advisory/ support services and certification to assist exporters/ importers in achieving their goals in the organic industry. The Bio Ghana Network is a member of the Ecological Organic Agriculture Platform of Ghana.

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Eat Organic, Live Organic with David Kojo Gyasi

Currently, the world is operating what can best be called a refined and inorganic food nutrition system. But this current nutrition system is not sustainable, and it is destroying our health as well. Cancer, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular...

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Annual General Meeting

Dear Bio Ghana Network members, We are excited to inform you that we're busy planning the next Annual General Meeting and we are looking forward to seeing many of you join the event. Please save September 27, 2018 as a tentative date in your calendars. Just like last...

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Fall Armyworm Status

The fall armyworm (FAW) (scientific name Spodoptera frugiperda) is a moth, native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, but it is the caterpillar or larva (photo 1) that causes damage. After mating, female moths lay egg masses of 100-200 eggs, usually...

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Organic Food: The Secret of Healthy Life

By Chandra Shekhar Choudhary With the practice of producing synthetic or forcedly ripen vegetables and fruits on the rise, it's becoming quite difficult to maintain healthy diet of the family. The same natural things that used to imbibe immunity and ensure well being...

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Bio Ghana Network established in 2010.
–  Operational in 2012 headed by coordinator Samuel Quarcoo.
–  Network for companies and producers who are or want to be organically certified.
– The Network is under the Ecological Organic Agricultural Platform-Ghana (EOAP-G).

– Encourage members to be organically certified.

–  Find market avenues for both local and international, export organic fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and peels, processed cocoa and       its derivatives

–  Organize trips for international organic conferences and fairs (like Biofach).

–  Connect to all internationally recognized organic establishments like IFOAM.

– Bringing all organic related companies under one umbrella.

–  Advocates interests of members.

–   Support companies to get certified

–  Looking for sponsors

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