Bio Ghana Network – Membership Benefits

  • Biofach Organic Trade Fair

    • Gain support and discounted rate to participate at Biofach, Germany –  showcasing your products at ‘The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food’ attended annually by over 50,000 trade visitors from 129 countries – potentially generating thousands of euros worth of future transactions through generating business contacts, industry linkages, and exposure for your organic company/ products.

    Organic Directory

    • Promote your company contact details to key industry players and consumers both domestically and internationally, generating improved exposure and market linkages with potential customers.
    • Formally advertise your company’s products or services with a full or half page spread.


    • Attend domestic and international conferences on Organic Agriculture – gaining exposure to best practices in organic production and marketing, new networks and ideas.
    • Partner with national research organisations and organic platforms to present and discuss issues related to organic agriculture – gaining academic and practical insights and solutions to improve your company’s competitiveness.


    • Become part of an online platform of Ghanaian organic companies – increasing the benefits for organic agriculture in Ghana through the provision of links to marketeers and buyers, news alerts, market info and trends, and upcoming activities in the Bio Ghana Network (e.g. trainings, conferences etc.).

    Electronic Newsletter

    • Receive up-to-date information on market trends, and domestic and international organic news and events directly to your email or hand-held device.
    • Advertise your company/ products/ events to a large network of health-conscious consumers on a regular basis.


    • Gain practical skills in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), certification, marketing/ promotion.
    • Build the capacity and efficiency of your employees in useful topics (e.g. preparation of a stand for Biofach Organic Trade Fair).

    Newspaper Article

    • Promotion and dissemination of educational information to the wider general public on the benefits and the need for the expansion of organic production and consumption in Ghana and abroad.
    • Lobby government and advocate for support to organic industry in Ghana through articles in popular broad-sheet newspapers and online articles.

    Policy Briefs

    • Regular and informed policy briefs/ position papers to government to promote policy dialogue between companies, support institutions and public sector.
    • Lobby to support organic industry and positively influence policy surrounding organic production and marketing.