Bio Ghana Network established in 2010.
–  Operational in 2012 Headed by coordinator Samuel Quarcoo.
–  Network for companies and producers who are or want to be organically certified.
– The Network is under the Ecological Organic Agricultural Platform-Ghana (EOAP-G).

What we do

  • We establish relationships with all organic producers and companies members: producers; processors; marketers in training in and quality assurance to collaborate with experienced stakeholders.
  • Encourage members to be organically certified.
  • Find market avenues for both local and international, export organic fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and peels, processed cocoa and its derivatives.
  • Organize trips for international organic conferences and fairs (like Biofach).
  • Connect to all internationally recognized organic establishments like IFOAM.
  • Bring together all organic exporters/importers in Ghana, advocate interests of members and support companies to get certified looking for sponsors.
  • Well coordinated activities and a single website to capture operations and information sharing.
  • Harmonize funding and arrange inflows to support all companies involved in organic activities to reduce costs by doing things together.
  • Revamping the sector with expertise.