Tacks Farms

Products: Kitchen Herbs, Mangoes and Vegetables

Contact: Samuel Tackie
Phone: +233 (0) 30 240 7264 / +233 (0) 30 240 7254
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.tacksfarms.com

Tacks Farms Limited is committed to: Put in place a full value chain set-up to harness its produce from the farms and other nearby producers to be able to satisfy its marketing objectives; domestic, regional and international exports.

Provide our customers with high quality exotic fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Continue to uphold our existing certification as Globalgap and fairtrade production unit.

Consolidate on our existing investments through concentration of our financial and operational efforts in the production of mangoes, fresh herbs and vegetables. Intensify organic farming practices that keep our earth and water bodies clean and pure and continue to promote fairtrade which ensure the distribution of resources fairly among our stakeholders.